Tsukishima X Reader Cuddle

Remember that Tsukishima is a minor and this blog will be run as so, about 17-ish. Jul 15, 2020 · Cuddles with Tsukishima is like a whole rollercoaster of emotions. His face is always buried in your neck and he just murmurs sweet nothings. He especially likes forehead and top-of-the-head kisses. you're pretty, smart and sarcastic like him, but you're also very caring and. He wasn't very affectionate at first but as time went on you noticed that it was always him grabbing your hand first or pulling you in to cuddle. Tell me your thoughts!! Also been trying to upload daily or every second day recently so MORE CONTENT YAY!!. However, the catch is, everybody wants the damn diamond. 39: Relieved kisses [Sawamura Daichi] Language: English Words. He’s grown up having the same hobbies, never straying away from what he knows well. Kuroo Tetsurou. Requests are: Open. Almost always, he’s going to have a hand on your waist. The fireworks lit up the sky as dozens of Colors mixed, the team cheered together whilst tsukishima and y/n cuddled up together. you two started dating because for the first time he found someone who wasn’t boring and didn’t get on his nerve so easily. pairings: tsukishima x reader, iwaizumi x reader, akaashi x reader request: Hello! I rly liked ur cuddling between ur thighs head cannon, is there any way I can get that but w tsukishima. Tetsu's Empress. ! i have been craving to watch a horror movie lately but i cant watch them alone